Top 10 attractions of Amalfi

The best attractions that the city has to offer: monuments, natural sites, festivities and places to enjoy

1. The beach

The beach of Amalfi

The beach of the Marina Grande in Amalfi is not only the largest in the city but also in the whole Amalfi Coast. It is practically covered by seaside establishments but the beach is freely accessible. It is also usually the busiest beach in the summer

2. Cathedral of Saint Andrew apostle

Duomo of Amalfi

St. Andrew’s Cathedral is one of the main attractions of Amalfi. It dates from the ninth century and presents a Romanesque style slightly influenced by the Arab and Norman. Inside the cathedral are guarded the relics of the Apostle St. Andrew.

3. Paper museum

Paper museum in Amalfi

The museum of the paper is a former paper mill transformed into a museum in 1969. Its handmade paper production machinery has been restored and is in operation for demonstrations. The possession of paper in Amalfi dates back to the 12th century

4. Valle delle Ferriere

Valle delle Ferriere in Amalfi

The Valley of the Blacksmiths, takes its name from the remains of blacksmiths that are scattered throughout the protected area of the valley, which extends between the Lattari Mounts and the city of Amalfi. It is a place of remarkable natural beauty and beautiful waterfalls that flow down to the sea.


5. Cloister of paradise

Cloister of Paradise Amalfi

The Cloister of Paradise is part of the Amalfi Duomo, and was built in the 13th century, with the function of connecting some important chapels and hosting a cemetery for illustrious citizens of the Amalfi kingdom. It has an Arabic style and a palm garden in the centre.


6. Arsenal of the republic

Museo arsenale di Amalfi

The Republic’s Arsenals is a museum located in the settlement of a naval quarry dating from the 10th century. Where the ships of the powerful Amalfi Kingdom, one of the 4 Italian Marine Republics, were built and repaired.

7. Atrani

Atrani on the Amalfi coast

Atrani is the smallest municipality in Italy. With an area of 0.12 km2, Atrani is connected to Amalfi in history and culture. The beach of Atrani is very visited by tourists who travel through the Amalfi lands due to its great beauty and calm ambience.

8. Conca dei Marini

Conca dei Marini

Conca dei Marini is a small village on the Amalfi Coast, originally home to fishermen and now divided into two parts. One at sea level, which preserves all the classics of the place, and the other on the SS163 Amalfi Coast that runs through all the municipalities of the coast.


9. Historical center

Amalfi at sunset

The historical centre of the city of Amalfi comprises the Cathedral of St. Andrew, which stands near the port, and a wide street that leads into the city and the pedestrian corridors. With its medieval charm, the historic centre has architectural features dating back to the 10th and 11th centuries




10. Regatta of Italian republiques

The historical regatta

It is a rowing competition held between the (now defunct) former Italian marine republics. Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice. In which the competitors board medieval style boats with symbols of the republics, and the streets receive cultural parades of the time.


General information

Useful info about Amalfi

By Ferry: Ferry connections are plentiful between the port of Amalfi and the towns of Positano, Sorrento and Capri. Prices vary according to the destination and range from 11 to 25 Euros.

By Boat: The best way to reach Amalfi is undoubtedly a rented boat. We will be able to enjoy the charming views of the Amalfi Coast, as well as the panoramic views of the cities from the sea and, most importantly. Avoid the intense land traffic. The prices for a private excursion along the Amalfi Coast are around 90 Euros per person.

By Bus: The SITA SUD and EAV Companies connect the city of Salerno with the city of Sorrento, passing through the city of Amalfi in almost every journey. The companies offer vouchers per week, and promotions for more than one trip.

Taxi or Car: To reach the city of Amalfi either from Salerno or from Sorrento, we will have to travel along the SS163 Amalfi Drive. It seems like a dream landscape, but during the summer, the traffic can seem like a nightmare.

Carabinieri: 112

Emergency public aid: 113

Firemen: 115

ACI mechanical assistance: 116

Finance Police: 117

Health Emergencies: 118

Forest Firemen: 1515

Help at sea: 1530


The best period to visit Amalfi is the end of the summer months and the beginning of the autumn (September, October), since it will be possible to find less people and a little less traffic.