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The pearl of Amalfi Coast: Positano

Positano, pearl of the Amalfi coast, since Roman times considered a place of holiday and wellness. City perched on a spur of rock that drops to the sea spreads between hundreds of small alleys that hide history and charm at every turn. The beach great heart of summers on the Amalfi coast is now an iconic place to immortalize lovers in souvenir photos of their trip to Italy. Romantic and luxurious hotels are combined with the refined culinary tradition of the area for a vacation without a sore point.

Top 10 attractions in Positano

1. Church of Santa Maria Assunta

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Positano

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta dates back to the 10th century, and stands out in the city of Positano with its golden dome standing out in the city’s Panoramas. Its main icon is a Byzantine image of the Virgin Mary, already mentioned in some documents of the 11th century.

2. The beach

The beach of Positano in winter

A 300mts long sandy beach makes up the main beach of Positano, also known as Marina Grande. The panoramic views of the city and the presence of numerous bars and restaurants make it one of the main attractions for the summer.

3. MAR Positano Roman Museum

mar positano HI RES  DSC9253 e1591079739404 | Lubrense Boats

The Archaeological Museum of Positano, represents one of the main attractions along with the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. It houses a remarkable part of archaeological and artistic remains from the passing of the years in the city. In the museum you can find remains that go back to Greek times.

4. Tordigliano beach

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Tordigliano beach is one of the largest beaches located in the Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella. The beach can be reached by walking along some marked paths, it is characterized by its view of the “Li Gallis” Islands from the coast.

5. The path of Gods

Views from the Path of gods

The Path of the Gods is a trekking trail of approximately 9 kilometers in length. It is travelled between the towns of Agerola and Positano, almost always downhill and with incredible panoramic views of the Amalfi coast.

6. Laurito & Arienzo beaches

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Laurito beach is a small beach surrounded by rock formations, reachable only by stairs from the town of Positano or by boat from Marina Grande. Arienzo Beach is accessible only by a staircase of 300 steps, which crosses important gardens of the town.

7. Art in ceramics

Pottery art in Positano

Positano is famous for its ceramics, worked in the territory for several centuries. Since the years of the Amalfi Kingdom in the 9th and 10th century, there was a trade in ceramics produced in the city. Today it is possible to visit several ceramic shops and Demonstrations.

8. The night life

Positano night life

The city of Positano, thanks to its predisposition towards the sea, in form of terraces, is very pleasant once the night has come. It is one of the cities with more movement and nightlife possibilities of the Amalfi coast. The bars, pubs and warm lights create the perfect atmosphere.

9. Li Galli's island

Li Galli island in Amalfi coast

The islands “Li Gallis” are located near the town of Positano, in the direction of the Gulf of Naples. It is a small archipelago of 3 islands that are known since Greek times, thanks to legends that narrated the existence of mermaids in the place.


10. Fireworks of Santa Maria Assunta

Fireworks of 15 august in Positano

The fireworks Show takes place every August 15th in the city of Positano, in honor of the Black Virgin, a Byzantine figure guarded in the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, in the center of the city. Every year thousands of people come to enjoy the show.

How reach Positano

SITA SUD Bus Lines connect all the municipalities of the Amalfi Coast, offering personalized deals with package prices for several days.

Taxi or a rented car can be a solution, although during the high season, traffic around the Amalfi Coast is very high and there are numerous traffic jams.


Ferry connections are plentiful between the Marina Grande of Positano and the ports of Amalfi, Sorrento and Naples, with prices ranging from 11 Euro between Positano and Amalfi to approximately 30 Euro between Poitano and Naples.

Travel tips

To visit Positano and its beauties one day is enough, but if you like to walk, then it is worth staying two days, to have a day available to walk the panoramic Path of the Gods. In terms of timing, in one day you can walk the path and also visit the center of Positano, but in this case you have to organize in time on how to reach the starting point of the path.
Once you reach the center, you will find everything a few meters away and it will be nice to walk among the many souvenir stores, visit the main church and eat a good ice cream on the beach.
You will surely be fascinated by this small characteristic village.

The whole Amalfi coast is connected thanks to a public bus service that links the various towns. Positano, due to its shape and position, does not allow buses to easily reach the center, so the stop “positano” is not in the center, but as the crow flies it is located above the center of Positano and is therefore twenty minutes walk down several stairs. These buses, however, connect the rest of the town, where the houses of the majority of the inhabitants are located. Fortunately it is possible to move with cabs, private or rented cars and scooters, with which you can get close to the center. The parking lots are there, but they are small, so in high season in addition to traffic, it is almost impossible to find parking. Also at the port, which is part of the center of Positano, there are some boats that make cab service.

The best period to visit the city of Positano is during the summer, and when the autumn begins, if we want to avoid the crowds a little, although the city is a destination only for summer, so it will be very difficult not to find thousands of people walking its streets in a few months.