Sustainability by the place

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Good practices for Tourists while visiting the island of Capri (NA) and for any person will approach to the island territory by sea or by air.

The island of Capri, as the same as many territories in Italy and rest of the world, has been part of a revolutionary transformation into a sustainable destination for any person that want to visit this land. This means that in the island, several rules and laws are protecting the environment the place is surrounded by. The vegetal, animal, and human integrity in the entire island.


By visiting Capri in our boat tours, you are taking concern also about the sustainability, that not only the island but also us, as a tour operator, promote and share among our clients every day.

Is for us, as a main part of the tourism supply chain, compulsory and primordial to take part on guardianship of the territory that host our families and work, out of the incredible beauty of its landscapes and natural wonders, sea life and cultural heritage.

Here below, some tips will help you to have a pleasant stay in Capri, taking care of the place as we do everyday. 

While on board:

1- Do not use Spray Sunscreen

Boats are almost always moving, to permit us to practice the tour in good time and visit all places, when the boat moves, the air around is been spread to the back and sides, the use of any spray product can disturb or produce some allergies on other passengers when on a shared boat tour, and be toxic to some marine species.

2- Use your sunscreen long before swimming

As we have mentioned before, is better to use the sunscreen as far as possible from the sea, as many creams and sprays have a chemist called Oxybenzone which is highly toxic for many species of fishes and coral, and is also highly soluble, for what, even not knowing, you could hurt the nature of the sea using your sunscreen right before swimming, before your skin could absorb it.

3- Aluminum and plastic remain on board

During the tour, we provide to the clients some snacks and drinks, or if your are the lucky one of the day, maybe a prosecco bottle. All materials are being distributed on board must remain on board, as the rules on land and sea are not the same and also, some materials that we must use on board for being the unique option to give to clients a nice drink, might be highly polluting for the sea and sea life. For this reason, we only drink or eat while on board and never when swimming or during embarking/disembarking process. 

4- If you go far, we far miss you

When swimming time, always if possible, the boats will stop and anchor in the safest and less insidious place. During all this period, is better to stay close to the boat, as most of the swimming areas around the island are highly trafficked and you could be in danger if getting far from the boat. Although the sailors around are very experienced people, the main deal is to protect the flora and fauna under water. Is a bad behavior to go jump from the rocks, or step on sea plants during a dive or swimming time. Nature is to be wondered and not ruined. 

5- EarPods, the best choice

If you are sharing a boat with other people, we highly propose to not use any personal loudspeaker unless previous consent of rest of the group, as the music could not be the one the most of people on board like, to protect the environment of the group and also enjoy the nature of the trip, we just love to relax and speak with other people, or listen to the explanation of our professional guides on board. In case you want to relax with your favorite song, you can freely use  your in-ear headset. When swimming time, the host can offer some music from main console to chill in water and our water.

6- Pay attention to your personal flying belongings 

Sometimes when moving, can happen that some hat or towel decide to live the life free from its owners and flies away from the boat, although is a very funny moment and we always put engines back and try to “save” the clothes, many times the object just dive deep and becomes impossible to recover. This is a low punch to the sea and might become a very dangerous item for the sea life for the time will take to be degraded and the potential risk for fishes and sea reptiles it generates.

For this we always advise to take care of any personal item that could fly away from the boat. Protecting the sea is protecting the future. 

While on Land:

1- Capri is Plastic Free!

Since 2019, Capri is a plastic free island, this means, that the Major has resolved to avoid any kind of bar/restaurant supply made by non-biodegradable plastic such as forks, spoons, big and small cups all made by non compostable plastic. Pay attention if you are carrying with you some food or drinks, and those are accompanied by this stuff, as you could get a penalty if being caught with any of this items.

2- Dress up with style… or just dress up.

The famous Funicular, taxis, buses and all transport and attractions in Capri, will deny to you the entrance and use, if you are not well dressed, this means that you cannot go around without your shirt on, or wearing swimsuit out the beach, you must be totally dressed up for visiting the center or sit in a bar or restaurant. 

3- Floor is lava

In Capri, you cannot sit on the floor, in streets or square, or any stairs belonging to public buildings. This is forbidden, same as eating your own food while sited on the floor, any kind of picnic could be penalized by the local police, so better to check for a nice bench or just eat while reaching your favorite place, then the best option, sit on a nice restaurant and enjoy the experience of the island.

4- Separate Waste

The treasure of the mediterranean is also well known as a very clean place, so all around the island you can find separated bins with clear indications about how to place your waste. Remaining of cigarettes have also special containers located in several places around the island and is forbidden to throw them to floor.

Forbidden Souvenirs:

Is normal to leave the island with a bit of nostalgia, not knowing when you will be allow to get back and already missing the landscapes and natural beauty. For this, is also normal that many people love to buy some nice presents or souvenirs to bring some part of Italy with them, and feel they are here even when they are back home. By the way, not all souvenirs are the best choice.

1- Coral

Any souvenir made with coral, should be made by fake coral, or should have a certificate of authenticity in which is written the place where coral was “picked”, as any contact with coral in Capri and surroundings is totally forbidden to anybody not in possession of a special permission, and truly not for selling it. The entire area of Capri and the neighbor coasts are interested in a government resolution in which is detailed the prohibition of any interaction with corals as a protected organism of the sea life in the area.

2- sand and rocks

Is beautiful to bring some part of Capri with you but some things must remain always where they are. To take sand or rocks from the beach or the sea bottom, is forbidden and you could receive a penalty according to Italian Law. Some airports have specialized people instructed to recognize and avoid any natural heritage transportation.

3- Shells 

At least once in life you probably went to walk to the beach and took some shells from the sand. This is also a practice that is forbidden in the area, and we strongly recommend to avoid buying any souvenir containing neither parts of shells nor any animal from the local sea.

4- The Sea Dates

A paragraph apart for the Sea Dates, which collection and commercialization is forbidden in Capri as they take a very long time to grow and they stick permanently to the rocks for what is dangerous for the integrity of the rocks to take them off. any food or souvenir produced with this mollusks is from illegal sources. 

5- Storical / Archeological items 

Any item that belongs to the natural, cultural, historical or archeological heritage of the entire territory of Capri island and surrounding municipalities, or any item could potentially being part of this heritage, must be immediately declared and given to the authorities for the interest of the place and the community. If you have any doubt with any item you found or bought and could be a potential part of this interested items, you can ask our crew for more information. 

Children Protection

Lubrense Boats commits to work in respect of the code of conduct we adopted from the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY, actively sharing and proposing to all our clients to follow this lines in order to protect every child. For a peaceful, safe and joyful life.

“Children must play, learn and grow, and nothing else.”

You can find out the code of conduct to protect the children created by the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY at this link.